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A toolkit of the Best Resources/Episodes to start with

  • 'This was awesome! Very helpful for my son. I highly recommend this podcast' - Pamela
  • 'A phenomenal resource for a parent of a youth soccer players and the players themselves. you will be hard pressed to find a better quality mental coach for your young soccer player than what comes out of these podcasts' - Pete

The foundation for being a Successful athlete is the 5 part framework called the Athlete Maestro Method

  • Assess/Create Your Vision/Big Picture
  • Plan
  • Take Action/Implement
  • FTR (Forget The Rest)
  • Self Mastery

Your journey as an athlete will have many ups and downs but rewarding moments Whats important is that you stay in control and maximize your talent.

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“This is definitely a podcast worthy of subscribing to by every young athlete. I’m personally not a professional athlete but i find it quite handy for the sport called “life”. Though tailored for athletes, all the episodes are totally relatable in other aspects of life as well. Thank you for the wealth of info and motivation Tola” – Bilkisu Umar K.

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