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Have you always known you were destined to be an athlete? You always dreamed of being a superstar who fans all over the world clamour to have sign autographs? Your talent was always superior to others?

Every young athlete has, and you are no different I guess.

You’ve played in high school, secondary school and even college or university. You’ve been team captain and the best player on your team. You are the player who has the nicknames of some of the greatest players ever. My mates used to call me Pele (Brazilian Football Legend) once upon a time. I bet they call you Messi or Ronaldo or Federer or Brady or LeBron.

Great for you.

Now you want to live up to that hype. You want to show that you belong and more importantly you want to make your DREAMS A REALITY.

Hang on a minute.

You see all those super successful athletes you idolize so much?

They all started with a rock solid foundation and that’s where you need to focus first.

Forget the talent, forget what people are saying. Without the foundation there’s no future. You know the multi talented young athletes you used to hear of, where are they now? Only a few of them made it.

So, Tola where do I even start?

First you need to start by checking out the cream of the crop of my best posts, podcast and products to help you build the solid foundation you need to be super successful and achieve all your dreams.



Step #1: Identify the loopholes.

This is the number one critical mistake I see young athletes make.

Remember when you where a kid and you were asked to get something in the dark? You would feel around so you don’t bump into something or better yet you get a flash light. It’s the same thing here.

If you don’t know the mistakes to avoid as an athlete, you are most likely going to make those very mistakes which would derail your progress.

Moreso, you’ll find yourself going around in circles or land yourself in the second category of athlete which are the ones who are stuck in a particular position for a very long time.

So in order to avoid coming back and clicking the second option, I want you to avoid those very mistakes. That way when you leave this level you have all the tools you need to be a success.

Your task: Download my absolutely free E-Book on the 5 Biggest Mistakes Athletes Make

If you’ve already downloaded the guide then move on to Step Two.

Step #2: Begin to Prepare mentally for whats ahead.

Now that you understand what mistakes to avoid the next step is to prepare for the things you should be doing and focusing on.

This step allows you to focus on what the successful athletes focus on.

Ever since I started studying and following successful people and athletes, the one thing that got them going was the belief in themselves a.k.a mental toughness

If you have mental toughness, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in sports.

Your task: Start your Free Email Course on 5 insanely easy ways to build your mental toughness

How to Harness The Power of Mental Toughness As An Athlete

Step #3: Choose the right mentor

A lot of athletes start out their careers without having someone or something to look up to.

So, they feel they can figure it out on their own but that shouldn’t be the case.

You need a mentor to guide you along the way.

This is why I do Athlete Assessment which is the Monday Episode of the Podcast. To highlight things the top athletes do that make them successful. You can emulate what they do to give you a similar level of success.

Success leave clues and if you aren’t studying successful athletes your foundation is all wrong.

Your task: Subscribe to the Podcast.  Or start listening to Athlete Assessment now.

Start today.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Tola help me along this process!”, therefore I have an option for you.

A guide which shows you exactly what to do, a step-by-step process to take the ideas you have and use them to create a detailed plan guaranteed to make you a better Athlete.

Then get my Athlete Maestro Blueprint.

I put all my years of experience in sports in helping and mentoring young athletes into this blueprint tailor made for you.

As a result, I show you the steps a young athlete should start with to set the foundation for the goals they want to achieve.

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