The Role And Importance Of Gut Health And Nutrition To Athletic Performance with Clinical Professor and Gastroenterologist Dr. Yinka Davies

The Role And Importance Of Gut Health And Nutrition To Athletic Performance with Clinical Professor and Gastroenterologist Dr. Yinka Davies

January 11, 2023 by Tola

No matter the changes we experience in the world of sport, one thing that’ll always be a mainstay is what an athlete puts into their body.

From water, to food, to supplements, it’ll always be important to the well being of an athlete during and outside competition.

The role supplements play in how they affect performance is one that has been talked about for ages and would continue to be so. Whats important for you as an athlete is fully understanding what supplements do and how they affect your performance.

That brings me to my guest on today’s episode.

Dr. Yinka Davies is a Clinical professor and Gastroenterologist. She is also the founder and CEO of Lyvecap, a company that empowers you to build a lifestyle with more energy and more life.

The company produces probiotics that help improve gut health which in turn improves endurance, immunity and boosts performance.

Your gut health is literally the gateway and connecting force of your body and on this episode you’ll learn how.

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  • The importance of the microbiome.
  • How lyvecap helps performance.
  • The role of supplements and diet in an athlete’s performance.
  • How changing your diet changes your microbiome.
  • Why gluten is important to athletes.
  • and much much more

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