How To Build Your Brand And Attract Sponsors As A Young Athlete with Athlete Banding Expert Vickie Saunders

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As a young athlete you’ve probably seen the superstar athletes of the world build a following on social media and attract some of the biggest sponsors in the world.

You’ve seen LeBron James and his deal with Nike. Usain Bolt has a deal with Puma. Lionel Messi is with Adidas. The list goes on and on.

Then you think to yourself, I can never get to that level. You tell yourself “no one will want to sponsor me unless i’m a superstar”.

Well you’re wrong.

This is where your brand comes in. You’re probably thinking “brand”. Yes your brand. The superstar athletes you see would not have been able to achieve what they’ve achieved without first building a brand.

And its because of the brands they’ve built that they can attract the sponsors they have.

This is where my guest on the podcast today comes in.

Vickie Saunders is an athlete branding expert and she is one of the most recognized and respected figures in the field. She is the Co-Founder of The Brand Builders.

Her clients include USA Olympics, Institutes of Sports in Australia, England, Singapore, Canada and Wales). She is an author of two books, The Ultimate Guide To Sponsoring Athletes and Sponsorship for Athletes.

Long story short Vickie is a legend.

This episode will teach you that you don’t need a large following to build your brand as an athlete and your performances have little to do with whether you get sponsors or not.

All athletes should be building their brands irrespective of the sports they play. Its not when you become a superstar that you start building your brand, it starts from now.

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Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

Athlete Maestro is a podcast for you to help you break your mental and physical limitations so you can achieve high performance in your sports.


  • How to start thinking differently about your brand.
  • How to start changing what you do to build your brand.
  • What sponsors consider when they want to sponsor athletes.
  • Biggest struggle athletes have with brand awareness.
  • How to approach social media
  • How to develop your social media strategy
  • and much much more

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