Using Athletic Intelligence To Be The Best Athlete You Can Be with Performance Psychologist Dr. Scott Goldman

Using Athletic Intelligence To Be The Best Athlete You Can Be with Performance Psychologist Dr. Scott Goldman

Aug 11, 2021 by Tola

“the best athletes i’ve been around are those that enjoy doing the things other athletes don’t like doing” – Dr. Scott Goldman

What makes great athletes great? How do we know an athlete has the required understanding of their sport to succeed at the highest level? What’s the difference between intelligence and knowledge?

Performance in sports has been studied for such a long time with the goal of seeking answers to the above questions.

If anyone could provide the answers to the questions, its Dr. Scott Goldman. Dr. Scott is the founder of the Athletic Intelligence Quotient a test that assesses the innate cognitive abilities that are most utilized in attaining, developing and applying athletic skills and tactics.

Dr. Scott is also a performance psychologist and an expert in performance enhancement, sport intelligence and confidence just to name a few.

If there was ever an episode you’d want to listen to multiple times, its this one.

In this episode with Dr. Scott, you’ll better understand the abilities you need to be a standout athlete.

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Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

Athlete Maestro is a podcast for you to help you break your mental and physical limitations so you can achieve high performance in your sports.


  • What performance psychology is.
  • The difference between intelligence and knowledge
  • What the AIQ means
  • Handling pressure as an athlete
  • How to build your confidence in your abilities
  • How to perform optimally as an athlete
  • and much much more

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