Goal Setting Mastery

Too many athletes, especially young athletes are blindfolded by their talent and the system.

Tell me if this sounds familiar… you have a talent to play sports, you’re really good at what you do, you’ve received various accolades and recognition or maybe you haven’t, you even pray for divine guidance — but it seems you’re stuck in the same position. No progress.

Like, you’re running in place without progress.

You know how good you are and how much potential you have if only you knew the first step you should take… So, you try to figure it out on your own, you try many different things … only to hit a brick wall.

No ideas — at least, no good ideas where to start. Nothing comes to mind other than to just keep going, winging it…

“Eventually I’ll figure it out” you say…..but there’s no time

After years (time you don’t have as an athlete) of winging it and hitting your head against a brick wall, your time has either passed you by or its too late to even take certain steps (remember in sports, by certain ages you must have achieve certain results).

Making bad decisions and setting the wrong goals are costing young athletes promising careers in sports.

Your goals are often the first detail you should iron out as a young athlete. It’s what gives you clarity to plan and take the right decisions for your career. Being a “better athlete” is not a goal. Not having the right goals or understanding the goal setting process will make you take the wrong path and make bad decisions.

Even worse, you have no specific direction in which you’re going. You have no way to tell if you’re on the right path or not. WITHOUT PROPER GOALS EVERY PATH SEEMS LIKE THE RIGHT PATH until you get to the end and realize it’s not. Time and effort wasted.

This is why coming up with and having proper goals is the number one thing you should know how to do as an athlete. Your goals will change but you would have mastered the goal setting process for athletes. So many athletes stay confused until they find someone who helps them get it right. But before then…..

You feel like you have only two choices:

  1. Keep trying different things (more like trial and error) or…
  2. Settle for the wrong path you have chosen and what comes with it despite knowing it won’t take you anywhere.

NEWS FLASH: those are terrible choices… if those are your only choices.

So, how do you come up with the right plan for your career one you know is destined to lead you down the right path and towards success?

PSA: I dislike talking to athletes about mental and physical limitations, without them having proper goals -- so my team and I found a solution.

Over the past four years here at Athlete Maestro, we’ve helped athletes achieve piece of mind, freedom and success in sports. Even more importantly, these athletes now know how to produce the desired results on demand. Do they struggle, YES but they bounce right back because they know the process.

It didn’t happen with us winging it and seeing how it went…

No — we set proper sports related goals with athletes as our core focus…………..

How did we do this?
Time to spill the beans …

As a former athlete myself, I’ve been in the trenches of playing sports and everything that comes along with it. I saw first hand the power in setting the right goals and the massive mistake in not setting them.

And I’m ready to give you full access to everything I learned on that journey. I call it GOAL SETTING MASTERY.

Athlete Maestro

Never Make The Mistake Of Setting the Wrong Goals Again, Ever Again

My Goal Setting Mastery Blueprint includes a step-by-step guide to help you master the goal setting process for athletes

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Part A

Instant Immersion Video

This walk through video explains the exact process I recommend to set proper goals. You’ll know exactly how to set the goal and take action on the goal!

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Part B

Companion Guide

Your downloadable Blueprint is explained in the walk through video.

Athlete Maestro

This Sounds Awesome,
But Who Am I To Even Give You This Advice?

Here at Athlete Maestro, we help athletes achieve peace of mind, freedom and success in sports. With piece of mind and freedom like knowing the right goals to set, you’ll perform consistently in your sport and see results!

We do that through a great podcast and the Athlete Maestro Method.

And over the past four years, I’ve personally helped athletes break their mental and physical limitations — and now it’s your turn!

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"I definitely found that step 1 of the blueprint was helpful as it helped me identify where i was in my athletic journey" - Moses

"After reading through i've already noticed some things i did wrong in the beginning of my sporting adventure which would probably have not happened if i've gotten tools like this then" - Aliyu

"The blueprint really helped me clean up some areas i was moving past too quickly and not paying enough attention to" - Steve

Just Picture It

  • You never again have to waste hours, days or weeks trying to figure out what next step to take.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing you have set the right goals and are taking the right action on it.
  • Your career sees the benefit of an effective plan backed with the right goal behind it.

That’s not a daydream… this can be your new reality with Goal Setting Mastery. It’s all yours when you say “Yes!” right now. Let’s dive in!

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