Learning How And Understanding The Role Of Sports Parents In Youth Sports with Author Linda Flanagan

Learning How And Understanding The Role Of Sports Parents In Youth Sports with Author Linda Flanagan

February 15, 2023 by Tola

The joy of every parent is to see their children succeed in life. When that success in life can be coupled with becoming a superstar athlete, it makes all the more reading for parents.

Matters haven’t been made any easier with the millions of dollars that have flowed into sports.

Many parents now see their children as the next sports superstars who are going to earn millions of dollars. This is what has led to projectmbappe, an online hashtag for parents starting their children ultra early in sports with the goal of making them athletes.

It never used to be this way and thats where Linda Flanagan comes in. Before the advent of money into sports, children just used to have fun and parents just used to parent.

Now the money and mania have taken over.

Linda is a Journalist and former Cross Country Coach. She is also the author of the book Take Back The Game: How Money and Mania Are Ruining Kids Sports.

In this episode we break down how sports parents can do better by their children and how to sports parent the right way.

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  • Why sports parents fail to learn the right way
  • How to strike a balance for your child in sports
  • Why you should create an environment for your child
  • Ideal situation for parents who want to get their children involved in sports
  • How sports parents can better sports parent.
  • and much much more

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