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“Everything starts with a vision. You have to see it even before it becomes a reality”

In life if you cannot see it before it happens then you might as well go in blind.

Visualization is a powerful technique that every athlete must master to aid your success in sports. The fact that you don’t know this means you are missing out on one of the biggest secrets to success in sports.

Ask any successful athlete and one of the first things they tell you about their success is that they saw it coming a long mile away. You must see it before it happens.


When you envisage your future in sports, what do you see? Are you worried about what might go wrong or are you seeing negative things?

When asked about his preparation for his races, one of the key things Usain Bolt emphasizes is that he tries to visualize the perfect race.

That is where it all begins.

Ignore the naysayers who would say it’s a waste of effort and time. You see with everything in life comes its challenges. Am I saying if you visualize then everything you visualize would come to pass? No! But guess what, each time you practice it you become more confident and you take that confidence into your performances.

Episode 32 takes you through what it means to visualize and see into your success in sports. You will learn what visualization is and why it is important for you to make it a part of your preparation in sports.


Imagine yourself having the best performance of your life in a particular event or competition. Now imagine all the surrounding factors such as the fans, teammates, coaches and even obscure details such as the smell of the place.

Now imagine everything going right for you. Imagine yourself doing everything right. See the crowd chanting your name and your teammates congratulating you on such a dominant performance.

How did it feel? Do you feel the confidence surging through your veins?

And it didn’t even cost you anything.

That is visualization. Keep practicing it and improving on it.

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“You have to see it before it happens”

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