EP 259 – Annika Sorenstam – Even The Greats Learn From Others


October 29, 2018 by Tola

When anyone thinks of golf generally they think of Tiger Woods. Yes he’s successful. Annika Sorenstam is the greatest female golfer ever. Certainly the best of her generation. She won 10 majors during her career and over 70 LPGA tournaments.

When I studied her career, it was easy to see what made her great. Her achievement were by design, a dedication to be the best and unrelenting resolve to succeed at the highest level.

As a young athlete you’ll learn from her career that it takes more than just wishing to succeed in sports. All actions must be deliberate. All actions must be specific.

Developing a relentless focus is what Annika Sorenstam became known for. And with it she achieved unprecedented heights.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to learn all you can from a true great of the sports.

On this episode of Athlete Maestro we share lessons from Annika Sorenstam’s career and how young athletes like you can take these lessons and make the best of them.

Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

Listen below and get in touch if you have any questions tola@athletemaestro.com


  • Why you need to develop a relentless focus.
  • When to start preparing for life after sports.
  • and more

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Tola Ogunlewe is a Sports Performance Coach and Sports Lawyer

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