Simplifying Your Journey To Success In Sports As A Young Athlete with Angela Lewis


December 4, 2019 by Tola



“positive self talk has to be aligned with the truth” – Angela Lewis

Anytime I get the chance to connect with like minded individuals I take the opportunity with both hands.

The journey to succeed in sports is unlike any adventure in life and for that we need people who either understand the journey or have been on the journey themselves.

For African athletes it’s even more important and being a Nigerian, i’m more compelled to ensure young Nigerian athletes have the tools they need to succeed.

On this episode of the podcast I was excited to talk to Angela Lewis about her journey in sports and how the journey of the next generation of athletes can be made simpler.

I’ve said so many times that I rarely have guest on the podcast so when Angela reached out to me I just felt this connection and I knew she had a lot to share with us.

Angela is a former college and professional basketball player. She played pro ball in Germany and now coaches younger athlete who are on this journey to achieving their sports goals.

She is also the author of a number books including The Game Changing Assist and Post Moves (The Female Athlete’s Guide to Dominate Life After College).

So we not only talk about the things young athletes should be doing now but she also shares a few things in preparing for life after college. It was a complete package.

What makes Angela’s story more interesting is that she originally never wanted to play basketball but got thrust into that life.

If you started playing your sport late, that doesn’t mean its late to achieve your goals and make something of yourself.

I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy this one. For the Nigerian athletes out there, take notes and put what you learn into practice.

If for any reason we didn’t discuss something you wanted us to talk about send me a mail, tola@athletemaestro.com

For now enjoy this episode with my friend Angela Lewis.

Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

Share with me your biggest take away from this episode, what you learnt from this discussion with Angela, tola@athletemaestro.com. Copy her in the mail as well, info@angelarlewis.com

Athlete Maestro is a podcast for athletes looking to break their mental and physical limitations so they can achieve high performance in their sports goals


  • The power of positive self talk
  • How to use watching game film to your advantage
  • Why its important to break down your goals and assess your talent.
  • How to be a better student athlete
  • Why you’re going to go through tough times and what to do about it
  • and more
  • Find Angela at www.angelarlewis.com

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Tola Ogunlewe

Tola Ogunlewe is a Sports Performance Coach and Sports Lawyer

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