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I’m Tola Ogunlewe, a Sports Lawyer based in Lagos, Nigeria and Host of the Athlete Maestro Podcast.

Over here you’ll find every episode of the podcast.

Oh and yes I’m a performance coach to athletes as well. Weird right? Lawyer and Performance Coach. More on that later.


I get upset at how young athletes are left to fend for themselves. If they get to know fine if they don’t fine. Yes some are lucky while some are not. I fell into the category of the unlucky I had to find the solutions myself. That’s what makes me passionate about you. That’s what brought about Athlete Maestro.

I do only two things and I do them really well. Its my gift. Try me.

  • I find your struggle points and put together a plan to get the best performance out of you.From mental training tips to focus and concentration to strategies unique to athletes, I’ll have you churning out world class performances with the confidence of a world class athlete in no time. So whether you’re world class right now or not you never have that “lost” feeling again.BEST PART I have tailor made content specifically for you and I make it easy.
  • I teach you how to have a successful life outside of sports. That’s how I combine being a Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Performance Coach. Oh I’m also a sport analyst on radio. You can call me an O.A.P.

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