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Be Mentally Present In Training

Be Mentally Present In Training

February 7, 2020 by Tola

Whenever an athlete complains about issues in training, the first question I always ask is, are you mentally present in training?

The natural next question to ask is “how can I be mentally present in training?
Kobe Bryant said “its not the amount of hours you practice but the amount of hours your mind is present during the practice”.

As we continue to honour Kobe after his tragic death, this has to be one of the most profound statements he ever made.

Young athletes who brag about the amount of time they spend training never understand the difference between quality and quantity.

I’ve said previously on the podcast that before your training can be effective, you must pay attention to the quality. Nobody cares if you trained for 10 hours, what’s important is the quality behind the training.

How can I be mentally present in training? Pay attention to the details.
You don’t necessarily learn from quantity but you’ll learn from quality.

On this fruitful friday episode, I want to motivate you to remain mentally present in training as you chase your sport goals.

Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

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  • The importance of being mentally present in training
  • The role the mind plays in training
  • Why its not just your body that trains but also your mind
  • and more

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