Understanding How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Mind with Sugey Gomez

Written by Tola Ogunlewe

August 14, 2019 by Tola

“It is through self awareness that you’re able to enhance, modify and change” – Sugey Gomez

Anytime Sport Psychology is mentioned, young athletes mostly get confused and scared. Growing up as a young athlete myself all i knew was that psychology had to do with the mind. I didn’t want to know more. I wanted to only focus on the physical.

At some point in an athlete’s career you want to take things to the next level.

You want to get clearer with the role your mind plays in your career and how to fully tap into that power.

On this episode of the podcast I was absolutely thrilled to have Sugey Gomez on to share her knowledge with us.

For those of you who have been longtime listeners of the podcast, you’ll know that I don’t have many guest on. Not because i think i know it all but because i only want to bring people on that i’ll be excited to learn from myself and i know they’ll greatly benefit you.

Sugey is a sport psychology student and we talk all things mental aspects of sports. What makes this conversation more fascinating is the fact that Sugey is currently undergoing her Masters in Sports Psychology at JFK.

We break things down into the most simplest form for you to understand. Whatever question you’ve had about the mental game i’m sure we talk about it today.

If for any reason we didn’t discuss something you wanted us to talk about send me a mail, tola@athletemaestro.com.

I did say i was going to get her to speak spanish on the podcast but i forgot, that’s definitely a reason to bring her back on the show. But for now enjoy this episode with Sugey Gomez.

Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

Share with me your biggest take away from this episode, what you learnt from this discussion with Sugey, tola@athletemaestro.com. Also copy her in the mail as well, contact@sugeyhealth.com

Athlete Maestro is a podcast for athletes looking to break their mental and physical limitations so they can achieve high performance in their sports goals


  • How to control what you can control
  • How journaling can you help you better stay on track in your sport
  • The power of positive self talk and the role it plays in sports
  • How to learn to visualize or use imagery in preparation for your sport
  • Why athletes should be more self aware
  • and more
  • Find Sugey at www.sugeyhealth.com

If you’re big on reading then check out the following references used by Sugey:

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