EP 242 – 3 Things I Did Right And Wrong As A Young Athlete

Written by Tola Ogunlewe

September 19, 2018 by Tola

They say the best way to learn is from experiences. But what they don’t say is that those experiences have to be yours. On the show today i want to use myself as an example and share the things i did right and wrong as a young athlete.

Its always better when you learn from others.

The reason i started Athlete Maestro was because it was a resource which i wish i had back in the day. Something to guide me as i took decisions and made plans for my career. Something that would help me battle past my errors and mistakes.

So on today’s episode i want to break down some of the things i got right and also the wrong decisions i made. The motivation behind them and what i’ll do differently if i had the chance. I want you to take a lot from this episode and apply to your career.

Remember, knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.

Listen below and get in touch if you have any questions tola@athletemaestro.com


  • The mistake i made and why i made them.
  • What i would do differently in todays world.
  • How my mindset was one of my biggest advantages.
  • and more

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