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June 20, 2018 by Tola

Life is all about sacrifices. To achieve success you must sacrifice plain and simple. It goes without saying that there are sacrifices every athlete must make to succeed in sports.

You have heard of stories of athletes who left their hometowns to pursue their dreams and others who used their last dimes to pay for boots or cleats or sports gears, those are sacrifices.

What sacrifice have you had to make so far in your career? What exactly have you given up to get this far? age.

There are many sacrifices every athlete must make but in this episode i break down 5 of those sacrifices.

A famous quote says “sacrifice is giving up on something good for something better”

Today’s episode of the pod i share the things you must give up to enjoy success in sports.

Listen below and get in touch tola@athletemaestro.com


  • Every athlete must sacrifice something to succeed.
  • Why delaying enjoyment now is better for your future.
  • Why all elite athletes sacrifice something to achieve success in sports

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