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EP 193 – Emmitt Smith – Your Destiny Is In Your Own Hands


May 28, 2018 by Tola

I have a saying nobody can believe in you for you. That means your destiny is in your own hands.

I can give you all the tools and resources and plan with you and hold your hand along the way but if you don’t take possession of your career no success will come.

Emmitt Smith is a perfect example of this. Right from high school up until college, he was doubted. They said he couldn’t make it, he wasn’t fast enough, tall enough or strong enough. He brushed it all aside

Right now he is considered one of the greatest NFL players of all time and he isn’t a quaterback.

So the question is how did he do it? How did he achieve this? He took his destiny into his hands. And just like him your destiny is in your own hands.

Today’s episode of the podcast looks a the career of Emmitt Smith, the great Emmitt Smith.

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  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily always look to rest.
  • Why you must prepare for life after sports.



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