EP 190 – Allen Iverson – Talent Is No Guarantee Of Success

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May 21, 2018 by Tola

If you talk about talent in sports, Allen Iverson is up there. The guy they called “the answer”. You see in sports, talent is no guarantee of success.

Despite everything Allen Iverson achieved in sports he never won an NBA Championship ring. You have guys who are less talented than him who have won titles. This is not a knock on Allen Iverson but its a lesson for you to learn.

Talent is great but it is not the ultimate answer when you are chasing success in sport. It plays its role but it needs other things to also assist in the process and as a young athlete its something i want you to know.

Today’s episode of the podcast breaks down the career of Allen Iverson and shares all the lessons i want to learn from him. Talent is no guarantee in sports but there are many more lesson his career teaches you. Remember, success leave clues and you can learn by standing on the shoulders of giants.

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  • How to always do things your own way.
  • Why you need a team around you to succeed in sports.


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