EP 180 – Doing Nothing Is A Habit


April 27, 2018 by Tola

Often a-times the most common indicators for under achieving or outright failure are usually Laziness, lack of focus, injuries etc.

Rarely does anyone mention the act of “doing nothing” which is something I want to share on today’s episode of our daily development.

Get this at the back of your mind, doing nothing is a habit that you can get used to.

While making  program notes, a thought came to mind, as to the difference between patience and inactivity. Both states though pretty similar posses distinct principles.

Here’s a quote i found interesting “it is not what you do that determines the circumstances of your life, it is what you choose not to do”.

Let’s see how we can put an end to this habit right here on the pod today.


  • How doing nothing has become a huge part of your routine
  • Difference between patience and inactivity
  • How to evolve from the doing nothing syndrome


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Tola Ogunlewe

Tola Ogunlewe is a Sports Performance Coach and Sports Lawyer

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