Ep 170 – How To Focus And Maximize Productivity As An Athlete



April 4, 2018 by Tola Ogunlewe

If there’s one struggle athletes face its how to focus and maximize productivity as an athlete.

At some point or the other you have struggled to focus on the goals you set for yourself. Therefore, you want to focus but the problem with that is, you often get distracted by things that are not important.

On todays episode of the podcast, I break down the things that affect your focus and how to start looking out for them. Furthermore, I also give you a guide on how to focus and maximize productivity as an athlete.

Athletes who are unable to focus often don’t learn anything in training or listen to the instructions of their coaches. Maybe its not intentional but its just the reality of things.

How many times have you found yourself forgetting the instructions you’re supposed to carry out on the field of play or how many times has your mind wondered off in practice only to be called back to reality?

Most of all, the athletes who learn how to focus often find it easy to maximize their productivity and that’s when success comes. They know what they’re trying to achieve and are locked in until they achieve it.

Starve your distractions and feed your focus –


  • Focus is a skill that can be improved
  • Your physical fitness affects your focus
  • The human brain is not built to multitask
  • Being aware of your thoughts helps you focus and maximize your productivity as an athlete
  • Plus much more….


Athlete MaestroTOLA OGUNLEWE

Tola Ogunlewe is a Sports Performance Coach, Sports Lawyer, Father and the creator of Athlete Maestro.

He is a real world mentor to young athletes.

If you’re ready to learn how to make the most of your talent, become the athlete you were meant to be, achieve self mastery, deliberate practice and create you own path to success in sports, join us and he’ll show you how.

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About the author 

Tola Ogunlewe

Tola Ogunlewe is a Sports Performance Coach and Sports Lawyer

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